PNG vs JPG: What You Should Know For Better Digital Experience?

For Better Digital Experience
November, 16 2023

If you want to add pictures to your website, file, or any document, picking the right format is crucial. Considering png and jpg formats for images is the best option among others. While choosing the formats between these two, it is compulsory for you to consider how it impacts the quality of image background, compression, and how your image looks after transfer. By this, you can pick the right format for your images to upload on a website, document, or any file. You can easily attain any of the formats from these two by using the perfect tool bulk image resizer. Both png and jpg are the best options, but there are some differences between these two, continue reading to know them.

Overview: PNG and JPG

Before diving into the other details of jpg and png, it is important for you to understand the basic information about these two. PNG is lossless and jpg is the compressed type file format. JPG is a helpful format if the size and quality of your images are the prime concern. PNG is famous for not making any change in the quality of the image even after multiple types of compressing the image. If you compress your image into jpg, you will not see any difference in the quality of the photos, but it totally depends on the original content of your image. JPG relies on DCT while png relies on the LZW compression process. Before choosing any of the file formats, always consider the pros and cons for your images to pick the right one.

Size Limits for JPG and PNG

Now you have a complete idea about the basics of both formats png and jpg. You must also have knowledge about the size limitations of these two. PNG file images still remain large to some extent even after compression. But, the jpg format remains 10% of the original image after compression. Choose the format that suits your images best based on the size limitations. If you want to attain any of the formats among these two, you can use the top class image converter. The tool converts the format of images in seconds for you without compromising the quality.

Difference Between JPG and PNG

Both images jpg and png are perfect to use. But both of them have some differences, one file format suits one person's image but may not suit others. That’s why, it is compulsory for you to learn the difference between these two formats for better working of images online. Check them out!

White Background

The white background is the best way to represent the major difference between the png and jpg. JPG file format does not support images that have transparent backgrounds. If you want to preserve the quality of your photos, you should use png one as it supports the transparent background.

File Size

Another major difference between these two formats is the file size. Do you want to decrease the size of your image to a larger extent? Then, you should go for jpg images. If your requirement about image size reduction is up to some extent, you can go for png formats. Using our tool you can convert the file format from png to jpg without any problem or loss in the quality.

Compression Process

Compression is another big difference between these two formats. JPG format helps you in generating the smaller size image using DCT compression. While png maintains the high quality of your image by compressing the image based on LZW. If you prefer good quality then go for png otherwise you can go for jpg.

In the end, it is essential for every person to keep everything in the notice mentioned above to choose the right image format. After picking the right format, you can upload your image wherever you want. Hope this information helped you a lot in picking the right format for your eye captivating photos.