Difference Between Image Resizing And Compression

Image Resizing And Compression
October, 25 2023

Resizing and compression are two important factors in image editing. These two factors you can use to give your image the perfect size. Our image resizer allows people to set the percentage while resizing and compressing images based on their requirements to make their images perfect. Simply, upload your photos and make changes to them whatever you want before uploading anywhere. Although both resizing and compression are used to set the size of the image, there is a slight difference between them. If you are interested to know the key difference, then, continue reading.

Image Resizing and Compression Difference

Using incorrect size photos for marketing purposes can ruin your brand reputation. Fix your images first and then upload them wherever you want. But, before doing any editing, you must have complete knowledge about the difference between image resizing and compression. Check them below!

What is Image Resizing?

The image resizing allows you to make your photos small or large without cutting anything. It is easy to adjust the image dimensions through resizing. It typically affects the size and quality of the image. People most commonly use image resizers to reduce the size of larger images for sharing through email or online anywhere. When reducing or increasing the size of the image, the quality of the image changes a lot as it affects the pixels of the image. Excessive resizing can make your photos blurry. That’s why, always choose the right percentage while resizing your images using our tool.

Benefits of Image Resizing

Check out some of the benefits of image resizing mentioned below.

Correct Width and Height: Suppose you need a 600 pixels image to upload on your social media but your image is 200 pixels. Don’t worry, you can correct the width and height of your image easily to upload on your social media platforms by resizing it.

Boost Website Performance: Maintaining faster website loading times is highly essential. Large size images can impact it badly. That’s why, reduce the size of your images using a resizer and then upload them on your website. You can witness a great boost in the speed of your website.

What Does Image Compression Mean?

Image compression reduces the size without disturbing the image quality. That’s why it is a more in use method. By reducing the size, you can share photos easily without facing any issues. You can use our image compressor for better image customization. Simply, you have to upload the image and get the compressed file up to your required level. After this, share the image anywhere without any difficulty online.

Benefits of Image Compression

The top benefits of using image compression are mentioned below, check them out!

Doesn’t Affect Resolution: By compressing the image the resolution never gets affected. When you reduce the image size through compression. It remains almost the same. It makes image compression more beneficial.

Less Storage Space: Another benefit of image compression is it takes less storage space on your devices. You can store multiple images on your device after compressing them well. Moreover, you can share them easily with anyone very quickly.

The main difference between image resizing and compression is the resolution. In image resizing, the resolution of the image gets affected while in compression it is not. Both methods are worth using as per your image requirements. Both of the image editing options are good and perfect to do any adjustments to the size of your image. But, maintaining the image quality is the foremost thing one should prefer image compression over image resizing. Share the right size image online and enjoy the desired experience.